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Mighty Mouse 2.0 Trial version

Customize your cursor in style

Wraparound 1.3.1 Free

Wrap your cursor around multiple screens

Startrail 2.2.1 Free

Make your mouse leave a trail of stars

Startup Mode Selector 1.1 Free

To install the latest version of OS X - Snow Leopard - you need to make sure you have a 64-bit

LazyMouse 2.2.2 Trial version

LazyMouse is the type of application that you either like or hate. Supposed to make you save time,

Wraparound 1.3.1 L Free

Users with multiple monitors know the nightmare of dragging your cursor or file windows from one

Eyeballs 3.2 Trial version

Eyeballs is a fun Mac OS X application that gives you a set of eyeballs in your menu bar or on your

Mouse Locator 1.1 Free

This program is a highly visible locator that instantly reveals where your mouse is on your screen.

Startrail 2.0 Free

If there were an award for the most pointless application ever, it may well go to Startrail, which

Mighty Mouse 2.0 b1 Trial version

If you're tired of the same old cursor animations, Mighty Mouse is a nice way of varying things a